Langston Farm Auction

Saturday, May 18th at 10am CT | 43 Shilo Cemetery Ln, Mammoth Spring, AR, 72554 | Outstanding Farm Auction | Tractor | Equipment | Farm Supplies

Outstanding Farm Auction
Saturday, May 18th at 10am CT
43 Shilo Cemetery Ln, Mammoth Spring, AR, 72554

Join us In-Person for an Outstanding Farm Auction on Saturday, May 18th at 10:00am at 43 Shilo Cemetery Ln, Mammoth Spring, AR, 72554. This Farm Auction features an an Outstanding lineup of Farm Tractor, Equipment and Supplies including an excellent condition Massey Ferguson 261 Diesel Tractor.

Outstanding Farm Auction - Tractor - Equipment - Farm Supplies - Guns

Sale Date & Time:

Saturday, May 18 at 10:00am

43 Shilo Cemetery Ln, Mammoth Spring, AR, 72554

At Public Auction:
SOLD! $7,500 - Massey Ferguson 261 Diesel Tractor with BH Front Loader, 2WD, Canopy (2 Owners, Excellent Condition!)
10' Bush Hog Brush Cutter Tray Type
16' Bumper Trailer/Tandem
Log Boss Mobile Wood Splitter 25 Ton
John Deere D155 Riding Mower - 405 Hours
John Deere L110 Riding Lawn Mower
SOLD! $6,800 - 42' InLine Hay Trailer - EZ Haul Hay Trailer (Good Condition!)
Complete Milk Parlor of DeLaval Milkers, Strainers, Compressor, Milk Jars, Galvanized Stanchions + Big Dutchman Feeders
Kawasaki Prairie 360 4WD 4Wheeler (Non-Runner)
Shaver Post Driver (Good Condition!)
Remington Model 11 12g (Semi Automatic, Nice Vintage Shotgun, 1928 Original) 
Mossberg Model 835 12g (Semi Automatic) 
Hatfield 12g (Semi Automatic) 
Knight 50cal T-Bolt Muzzle Loader
100 Gallon Fuel Tank/Pump
Hydraulic Cylinders
15 Gallon Sprayer
Hand Tools
Yard & Garden Tools
Cream Cans
Vise on Stand
Old HD Plow
Old Cast Iron Tub
Old Grindstone
Radio Flyer Wagon
Some Household Items
Lots of Bolts, Nuts, Screws, 3+5 Bottom Plows, Tool Bins-Boxes, Bit Sharpener, Metal Roofing, Goat Stand, Fuel Tank, John Deere Mower Deck, Barn Full of Supplies and Old Items! 

Terms & Conditions:
This listing is subject to additions/deletions. 

For Inquiries:
Contact Gary Sexton at 417-255-7001 or

Auctioneeers Note:
Bette and the Late Keith Langston. 83 Years of Accumulation. Lots of Good Farm Implements. Few Scattered Barn Finds. Thanks for Attending!

Terms and Conditions for Langston Outstanding Farm Auction

Saturday, May 18th at 10am CT | 43 Shilo Cemetery Ln, Mammoth Spring, AR, 72554 | Outstanding Farm Auction | Tractor | Equipment | Farm Supplies  

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